My Street - cinema version

Release date: 15-02-2013
Director: Marcin Latałło

directed by Marcin Latałło director of photography Marcin Latałło assistant director Alexandre Dayet sound by Alexandre Dayet music by Antoni Łazarkiewicz edited by Marcin Latałło, Jaromir Dziewic sound mix Piotr Knopp, Radosław Ochnio production manager Anna Niewiadomska produced by Camera Obscura Marcin Latałło, tel. +48 42 682 52 82, +48 693 033 713,; Agat Films (for ARTE France); Centre National de la Cinematographie Procirep executive production Camera Obscura producers Marcin Latałło, Blanche Guichou (Agat Films) co-financed by The Polish Film Institute distributed by Fundacja Magellan
colour, 80′
Poland / France 2008


The working-class Furmańczyk family lived and worked at the Łódź textile factory for generations. After the fall of Communism, the factory went bankrupt; the Furmańczyks lost their jobs and their place in the world. Then a French investment group renovated the factory ruins, turning them into the largest shopping centre in Eastern Europe. The protagonists of this film watch the changes that are taking place in Europe, and try to find their place in the changing world. The cinema version also covers the history of the city of Łódź, and presents the untold story of this major investment in the city.


Translated by Karolina Kołtun