Director: Kasper Piasecki, Łukasz Augustyniak

directed by Kasper Piasecki, Łukasz Augustyniak written by Kasper Piasecki, Łukasz Augustyniak, Mathias Mezler director of photography Kasper Piasecki music by Yunasi edited by Mathias Mezler sound by Łukasz Augustyniak produced by Łukasz Augustyniak, e-mail:; Kasper Piasecki, e-mail:, co-financed by Forum Kultur; Księgarnia Poznańska; Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań; Kan-Bud screenings organized by Stowarzyszenie Forum Kultur, ul. Św. Marcina 80/82 lok. 325, 61-809 Poznań, tel. +48 61 851 77 25, e-mail:,
Poland 2009

Monari portrays the everyday struggle of Nairobi’s poorest residents, against a backdrop of the general situation in the city and in all of Kenya. Our guide on this journey will be David Monari, along with his co-workers and young volunteers from EU countries, including a Polish girl named Hania Górnik. David helps the people of Nairobi by creating conditions for a noble life: he actively promotes the development of small businesses, supports women and children who are at risk of contracting HIV, provides medical assistance in cooperation with local organizations, organizes food drives for orphans and sick people, and runs writing and vocational courses for young adults.