On the Sky on Earth

Director: Maciej Cuske

written & directed by Maciej Cuske director of photography Radek Ładczuk music by Tomasz Gwinciński edited by Anna Dymek sound by Zofia Gołębiowska, Tomasz Wieczorek produced by Zespół Filmowy PALADINO, Racławicka /65, 85-041 Bydgoszcz, e-mail maciej.cuske@wp.pl co-produced by Centrala Ltd., Sienkiewicza 52/37, 90-058 Łódź, phone +48426611616; mobile +48 697 99 16 39; e-mail centrala@centralafilm.pl www.centralafilm.pl; Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing, Chełmska 21, bld. 24, 00-724 Warsaw, Poland, phone/fax +48 22 851 10 57, e-mail info@wajdaschool.pl, www.wajdaschool.pl co-financed by The Polish Film Institute
DV/Betacam SP, 16:9, colour, 62′
Poland 2007


Like every year, a group of enthusiasts looking for the evidence for the existence of extraterrestrial civilisations come to the town of Wylatowo. They are waiting for some unusual pictograms to appear in the fields. One of the observes just barely avoided being abducted by aliens. He does not give up though – his passion borders on insanity…