Born Again

Director: Michał Nekanda-Trepka

directed by Michał Nekanda-Trepka written by Elżbieta Nekanda-Trepka directors of photography Jerzy Rudziński, Ryszard Jaworski music by Jerzy Satanowski, Paweł Mykietyn music compiled by Michał Nekanda-Trepka edited by Maciej Lewiński sound by Jacek Zakrzewski, Michał Nekanda-Trepka

cast Maria Kowalska (Masza Fajnsztejn), Daniel Avidar-Fajnsztejn, Lea Orbach-Fajnsztejn, Jarosław Kowalski, Barbara Powroźnik-Kowalska, Aleksandra Jackovskyte

produced by Studio Filmowe Everest, pl. Zwycięstwa 2d/2, 90-312 Łódź, tel./fax +48 42 676 75 41, e-mail:;,; TVP Polonia producer Mirosław Dembiński co-financed by The Polish Film Institute
Poland 2008

Maria Kowalska (Masza Fajnsztejn) was born in Vilnius in 1939. When the Nazis entered Lithuania in 1941, her family ended up in the Vilnius ghetto. After Masza fell ill, her mother took her to the Aryan side of town and entrusted her to a Polish nanny, Mrs. Butkiewicz. Masza and her nanny survived the war; they later lived together in Węgorzewo in the Mazury region of Poland. Masza’s name was then Maria Butkiewicz. After finishing school, she got married and moved to Żagań.
Mrs. Butkiewicz died in 1990. Two years later, she was posthumously awarded the honorary title of the Righteous Among the Nations. After the death of her husband, Maria placed an online post in search of her long-lost family. She found relatives in Haifa. In 2007, she went to meet the family. Her own family…


Translated by Karolina Kołtun