The Invisibles

Release date: 13-04-2018
Director: Paweł Sala

written & directed by Paweł Sala director of photography Arkadiusz Tomiak psc music by Marcin Krzyżanowski edited by Ireneusz Grzyb production design by Andrzej Haliński costume design by Ilona Binarska make-up by Anna Dąbrowska sound by Agata Chodyra line producer Sylwia Rajdaszka

cast Halina Rasiakówna, Sandra Korzeniak, Natalia Rybicka, Aleksandra Popławska, Paweł Dobek

producers Daniel Markowicz, Piotr Galon produced by Lightcraft co-produced by WFDiF, Skopia Film, Darek Sz. Szendel, IDEAL co-financed by the Polish Film Institute distribution in Poland Alter Ego Pictures

colour, 100′

Poland 2017


Full of tragedy, grotesque and with plenty of black humour, the film shows three seamstresses over one day of work in a bleak sewing room located in the basement of an old tenement house. The seamstresses vary in age, with each one having her own attitude to the world and hiding a different dark secret. In the sewing room, they are accompanied by a cutter, a male philosophy graduate, and a mysterious stranger, Maria Miracle, who claims that she will provide the mighty of the world with the “seven keys to happiness”. She decides to go among the lower social circles and help those at the bottom of the social hierarchy. More tragic secrets are hidden in the garbage bin in the backyard and on the floor of the sewing room, from under which come the sounds of the whir of the sewing machines as well as human moans, cries and screams…