The Inconvenient

Director: Grzegorz Linkowski

written and directed by Grzegorz Linkowski directors of photography Jacek Knopp, Ryszard Wiencek, Tomasz Magierski music by Przemysław Księżek edited by Ryszard Wiencek PSM sound by Jacek Stępiński, Ryszard Wiencek produced by TVP SA executive production Link Artfilm, e-mail: for TVP SA

colour, 49′
Poland 2009


A film about the bishop of Lvov Andrzej Szeptycki, and the controversies around his activities. The film is also an attempt at explaining who found him inconvenient, why he remains a controversial figure, and whether his behaviour really deserved such criticism.

The Inconvenient is made in an investigative documentary style, with the role of the key detective played by a Greek Catholic priest from Lublin named Stefan Batruch, and the role of the key witness played by a Lvov rabbi’s son named Kurt Lewin, who had been saved by Szeptycki.