Director: Krystian Matysek

directed by Krystian Matysek documentation by Anita Zuchora director of photography Krystian Matysek, Wojciech Ostrowski cast Teodor Olter (in the role of 6-year-old Jacek Olter) edited by Leszek Molski sound by Piotr Podgórski production manager Emilia Orzechowska produced by Casablanca Studio producer Marcel Kuśmierczyk, Maciej Chmiel
colour, 29′
Poland 2004


A film about Jacek Olter, one of the best polish drummers playing with many bands for example Miłość, Kury, Łoskot. For the last four years of life he suffered from manic depression. He was 29 when he committed suicide.


Krystian Matysek
Born in 1967. Graduated in Moving Image Production and Photography from Radio and Television Department at the University of Silesia in Katowice. Cinematographer, director of documentaries, mainly nature films.