Griot Stories

Director: Adam Różański

written & directed by Adam Różański director of photography Adam Różański music by Adama Drame and Abdulahi Kantala, Joumana Dembele, Moussa Diabate, Foliba Group sound by Dariusz Wancerz stage sound by Frederique Kabore, Leonard Subediga, Sidiki Zouon; Alain Vigier (Paris) edited by Anna Dymek produced by Ozumi Films, Mokotowska 46a apt. 28, 00-543 Warsaw, phone +48 22 628 80 30,; Ideale Audience (TBD), Adam Różański co-operation by Joanna Plesnar co-financed by The Polish Film Institute producers Joanna Fido, Marianna Rowińska, Adam Różański world sales Ozumi Films
16 mm, colour, 54′
Poland 2007


A music documentary made upon the monologue of Adama Drame, an African drummer, master of djembe and descendent of griot clan – a tribe of musicians and storytellers. We watch him during rehearsals and concerts in Burkina Faso and Paris, during family ceremonies and on the streets. We listen to the stories about Africa whose cultural identity is in danger. Adama Drame is one of the last guards of African tradition and culture.