Release date: 10-05-2013
Director: Marcin Solarz

directed by Marcin Solarz written by Monika Góra, Michał Godzic director of photography Marek Gajczak production design by Marek Zawierucha costume design by Agnieszka Werner-Szyrle make-up by Maria Stosio music by Bartłomiej Gliniak edited by Krzysztof Boroń production manager Artur Polański producers Krystyna Lasoń, Tomasz Blachnicki distributed by ITI Cinema
cast Katarzyna Herman (Anna), Artur Żmijewski (Janusz), Karolina Chapko (Natalia), Paulina Chapko (Magda), Ewa Skibińska (Grażyna), Sylwia Boroń (Aneta), Kamil Kula (Paweł)
colour, 90′
Poland 2013


A chance meeting of two very similar-looking teenagers leads to the discovery of a mixup from years ago. When the story of two children switched at birth came to light several years ago, it shook public opinion to the core. The most shocking words came from doctors who warned that “there might be more children like this”.