Do You Remember Me?

Director: Piotr Matwiejczyk

written & directed by Piotr Matwiejczyk director of photography Piotr Żukowski music by Dominik Kwaśniewski production design by Mateusz Żubrzyk costume design by Joanna Pitura, Zuzanna Winiarska edited by Pierre Juju sound by Antoni Dawidziak production manager Anna Pupin

cast Mirosław Baka, Renata Dancewicz, Angelika Kubasik, Teresa Sawicka, Dawid Antkowiak

produced by MUFLON PICTURES, phone +48 502 361 875, e-mail; KONTRABANDA Wytwórnia Produkcji Niezależnej i Autorskiej; Exd’art – obrazy bez granic, phone +48 602 321 775, e-mail producers Piotr Matwiejczyk, Piotr Żukowski, Krzysztof Głuchowski distributed by KONTRABANDA Wytwórnia Produkcji Niezależnej i Autorskiej, phone +48 602 511 293, e-mail world sales KONTRABANDA
colour, 72′
Poland 2007


The man is released from prison. He wants to get back his lost life. Yet not all his sins from the past can be forgiven. His wife is not the same woman any more, his daughter does not remember her father…


Piotr Matwiejczyk
Born in 1980. Screenwriter, producer, director, actor. Graduated from private film school in Wrocław. Author of more than hundred independent films (including fourteen features), owner of Muflon Pictures production company.


Filmography (selected)
1996: Crime Streets (Ulice zbrodni); Videomania 2; 1997: Videomania 3; 2001: Kneeling-Moaning (Klęcząc-jęcząc); Chinacity; 2002: Nightmare of Past Winter (Koszmar minionej zimy); 2005: Homo Father; 2006: Beautiful; Shame (Wstyd); 2007: Do You Remember Me? (Pamiętasz mnie?); Barefoot (Na boso)