Need For Speedway

Director: Andrzej Celiński

directed & edited by Andrzej Celiński written by Agata Jabłońska, Maciej Horodecki, Andrzej Celiński directors of photography Karina Kleszczewska PSC, Andrzej Celiński music arranged by Gustaw Jeleń sound by Jacek Kwiatkowski, Andriej Karpowicz production managers Agnieszka Bąk, Ewelina Bińkowska produced by HBO Polska, ul. Puławska 17, 02-515 Warsaw, tel. +48 22 852 88 38, fax +48 22 852 88 02, +48 601 24 90 60, e-mail: executive production Totamto Media & TV producers Jerzy Dzięgielewski, Aleksander Kutela, Krzysztof Rak, Anna Skonieczna executive producer Paweł Kwaśniewski co-financed by The Polish Film Institute
colour, 71′
Poland 2008


The world of Polish speedway racing as seen through the eyes of a young contestant who dreams of success on the racing track. Łukasz slowly learns the bright and dark sides of one of Poland’s most popular sports. Speedway is not an easy sport; it is just as easy to start winning, as it is to fall off the podium. Dangerous accidents are not infrequent (in fact, Łukasz had a serious accident during the shoot). The contestants are young, prepared neither for success nor failure, and left all to themselves. But they hold on to their dreams. Some stories have a tragic ending; what happens when a young soul can’t handle the pressure from his family or fans.