Po-lin. Slivers of Memory

Director: Jolanta Dylewska

written & directed by Jolanta Dylewska directors of photography Józef Romasz, Jolanta Dylewska music Michał Lorenc edited by Paweł Suchta, Ewa Różewicz, Ingeborg Marszałek sound by Artur Kapala, Piotr Nesterowicz production managers Katarzyna Błachiewicz, Marta Kamieńska, Janusz Marzec produced by Bomedia (Warsaw), phone +48 22 899 19 96, e-mail bork@bomedia.pl; a jour film (Berlin) co-financed by the Polish Film Institute; Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH; Der Beauftragte der Bundesregierung fuer Kultur und Medien producers Mirosław Bork, Klaus Schmutzer
colour, 82′

Poland-Germany 2008


Unique archive materials, not published before and filmed mostly by amateurs, presenting the everyday life in the borderland towns of the Second Republic of Poland, where Jewish and Polish communities peacefully coexisted. ‘Po-lin’, which means ‘we’re going tostay here’,is the Yiddish name for Poland. The film is the result of an extensive and a few years long archive research carried out by the director in various countries around the world, including New York and Yad Vashem. On the basis of the ‘Memory Book’ written by the Holocaust survivors it was possible to identify the full names of almost all the people anonymously filmed in the 1920s and 30s.



  • Film and Art Festival “Dwa Brzegi” in Kazimierz, 2008 – Award in Feature Film Category
  • Polish Film Festival in America, Chicago 2008 – Audience Award
  • The Circle of Film Critics of Polish Filmmakers Association Award – the Golden Reel Award
  • International Film Festival “Jewish Motifs”, Warsaw 2009 – Grand Prix – the Golden Phoenix