It's a Free World

Release date: 07-03-2008
Director: Ken Loach

directed by Ken Loach written by Paul Laverty director of photography Nigel Willoughby music by George Fenton production design by Fergus Clegg, Peter James costume design by Carole K. Millar edited by Jonathan Morris sound by Julie Ankerson

cast Kierston Wareing (Angie), Juliet Ellis (Rose), Lesław Żurek (Karol), Joe Siffleet (Jamie), ColinCoughlin (Geoff), Raymond Mearns (Andy), Frank Gilhooley (Derek), David Doyle (Tony)

produced by BIMDistribuzione; EMC Produktion; FilmFour; Filmstiftung Nordrhein-Westfalen; SPI International Polska, Tyniecka 38A, 02-621 Warsaw, phone +48 22 646 20 36, 854 03 37; fax +48 22 848 45 70; e-mail; Sixteen Films Ltd.; Tornasol FilmsSA executive producer Ulrich Felsberg co-financed by the Polish Film Institute producers Ken Loach, Rebecca O’Brien co-producers Rafał Buks, Piotr Reisch distributed by SPI International Polska, Tyniecka 38A, 02-621 Warsaw, phone +48 22646 20 36, 854 03 37; fax +48 22 848 45 70; e-mail
35 mm, colour, Dolby Digital, 96′
UK – Germany – Poalnd – Italy – Spain 2007


Angie and Rose establish an employment agency. They find up quickly that their agency will bring in more profit when they start breaking the law. They start hiring workers with no permits, mainly foreigners. One day a young Pole, Karol, appears in Angie’s life…


Ken Loach
Born in 1936. An outstanding British film and television director. Laureate of Golden Palm for “The Wind That Shakes the Barley”.

Selected filmography
1970: Kes; 1990: Riff-Raff; 1995: Land and Freedom; 1998: My Name Is Joe; 2005: Tickets; 2006: The Wind That Shakes the Barley; 2007: It’s a Free World (Polak potrzebny od zaraz)



  • 64th Venice Film Festival and Human Rights Films Award