I'm Here - Where Are You?

Director: Ewa Banaszkiewicz

written & directed by Ewa Banaszkiewicz director of photography Bernadeta Passen production manager Marta Król produced by Association of Polish Filmmakers – Studio im. Andrzeja Munka, Puławska 61, 02-595 Warsaw, phone +48 22 845 51 71, e-mail o.kujawska@sporg.pl www.sporg.pl; TVP Kultura co-financed by the Polish Film Institute world sales Association of Polish Filmmakers
35 mm, colour, 30′
Poland 2009


A young girl from Belarus arrives to Poland to be with her boyfriend. When she discovers that he already lives with his new girlfriend, she wanders the streets, looking for a place to stay. In the kebab shop she meets Habib. A friendship with him is the only way to survive in the big city…