Pustelniks in the Mountains

Director: Mirosław Dembiński

written and directed by Mirosław Dembiński directors of photography Maciej Szafnicki, Dariusz Załuski produced and distributed by Studio Filmowe Everest, pl. Zwycięstwa 2d/2, 90-312 Łódź, tel./fax +48 42 676 75 41, e-mail: mirek@studioeverest.pl; kasia@studioeverest.pl, www.studioeverest.pl co-produced by TVP 2 co-financed by The Polish Film Institute; Media Plus
Poland 2008


Presenting the Pustelnik family, whose entire life focuses on the mountains. The father is an experienced mountain-climber, having climbed 13 of the 14 eight-thousanders (with only Annapurna outstanding to capture the crown of the Himalayas). His sons are rock-climbers (Adam is the best in Poland). Although the father and his sons are from different generations, their motivations are the same.


  • 13th Festival of Mountain Films, Lądek Zdrój 2008 – Grand Prix and Audience Award
  • 4th Mountain Film Festival, Zakopane 2008 – TOPR Director Award
  • Multimedia Happy End Optimistic Film Festival, Rzeszów 2009 – Award for the Best Feature Film
  • 9th Bansko International Mountain Film Festival – Grand Prix

Translated by Karolina Kołtun