Résolution 819

Director: Giacomo Battiato

written & directed by Giacomo Battiato director of photography Igor Luther music by Ennio Morricone production design by Martin Kurel costume design by Dominika Gebel, Fabio Perrone edited by Diane Logan sound by Pierre Choukroun production manager Andre Bouvard, Janusz B. Czech

cast Benoît Magimel (Jacques Calvez), Karolina Gruszka (Klara Górska), Hippolyte Girardot (Lherbeir), Hristo Shopov (Momcilo Draganovic), Ken Duken (English officer), Emina Muftic (Hediba), Dimitrije ilic (Ratko Mladic), Claudio Puglisi (Jan Nowak), Nevena Rosuljas (Amina), Hector Tenorio (Miguel De La Jara)

produced by Breakout Films (France); Aperto Films, Chocimska 35/1, 00-791 Warsaw, info@apertofilms.com; TVN, Film Master, SIrena Film, Canal+ producer Georges Campana (Breakout Films) co-producers Piotr Adamczyk, Dariusz Miłek (Aperto Films), Dariusz Gąsiorowski, Izabela Łopuch, Artur Kowalewski (TVN) world sales Breakout Films
Super 16mm, colour, Dolby Digital, 91′
France – Poland – Italy 2008

A French policeman gives up his job in Marseille and begins work with the International Criminal Tribunal in the Hague. He is sent to Bosnia to investigate the case of thousands people who went missing in July 1995 in the Srebrnica area. Under the resolution 819, Srebrnica was then under UN protection. In a country still engulfed by war, the policeman finds evidance of mass graves with civilian victims. A young, Polish forensic doctor, Klara Górska, is a member of the exhumation team. The film is based on true story.

Gaicomo Battiato

Born in 1943. Italian film and TV director.

Filmography (selected films)

2005: Karol: A Man Who Became Pope (Człowiek, który został papieżem tv); 2006: Karol. The Pope, the Man (Karol. Papież, który pozostał człowiekiem); 2008: Resolution 819 (Rezolucja 819)


  • Rome IFF 2008 – Golden Statue of Marcus Aurelius