A Sort of Family

Release date: 01-12-2017
Director: Diego Lerman

directed by Diego Lerman written by Diego Lerman, Maria Meira director of photography Wojciech Staroń edited by Alejandro Brodersohn production design by Marcos Pedroso costume design by Valentina Bari sound by Leandro de Loredo production manager Ines Vera
cast Barbara Lennie, Daniel Araoz, Claudio Tolcachir
producer Nicolas Avruj, Diego Lerman Polish producer Małgorzata Staroń produced by Campo Cine SRL, tel. +54 11 4554 903, +54 11 2056 4074, Montalvo 150 – 1427 – Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina co-produced by Staron-Film, ul. Krasińskiego 16/139, 01-581 Warsaw, tel. 505 934 943; 27 Films Production, Bellota Films, Red Rental, Snowglobe Films executive producer Campo Cine co-financed by the Polish Film Institute distribution in Poland Staron-Film world sales Film Factory Entertainment
colour, 91′
Argentina, Poland, Brasil, Germany, France, Denmark 2017


Malena is a middle class doctor living in Buenos Aires. She has recently lost a child. After this traumatic experience, she sets off on a journey to adopt a newborn baby from an impoverished family in northern Argentina. During her journey, Malena begins to hesitate and is torn by moral dilemmas. She wonders how far she might go to create the family she has been dreaming of.