Rosa Alba

Director: Beniamin Szwed

written, directed, shot, edited, figure animation, postproduction, scoring, production design & lighting by Beniamin Szwed soundtrack by Zespół Meadow Quartet shooting assistance Agnieszka Kalnik, Krzysztof Kimel heads of figures made by Maciej Kus costume design by Urszula Szwed paintings, pictures & drawings used in production set Agnieszka Kalnik text used in film Dominika Jetka, Marek Kalnik, Monika Marek
Poland 2011


There is evening when a stranger arrives to an old hotel. He’s a peculiar guest, with no pupils and no lips. He seems to be blind. Who is the mysterious man? For some reason he stops in a dingy hotel. What’s he found? What’s thinking? What about roses, which tend to be white? Story told in a whisper…


Beniamin Szwed
Born in 1984. An independent creator, director and cinematographer from Gliwice.