Little Rose

Release date: 12-03-2010
Director: Jan Kidawa-Błoński

directed by Jan Kidawa-Błoński written by Maciej Karpiński, Jan Kidawa-Błoński director of photography Piotr Wojtowicz PSC production design by Joanna Białousz costume design by Ewa Krauze edited by Cezary Grzesiuk sound by Wiesław Znyk production manager Paweł Mantorski

cast Andrzej Seweryn (Adam Warczewski), Magda Boczarska (Kamila), Robert Wieckiewicz (Roman Rożek), Jan Frycz (col. Wasiak), Grażyna Szapołowska (Roma), Jacek Braciak (officer pseud. „Priest”), Izabella Olszewska (Adam’s mother), Krzysztof Globisz (writer), Jerzy Kamas (chairman), Władysław Kowalski (actor)

produced by Documentary and Feature Film Studio, Chełmska 21, 00-724 Warsaw, phone +48 22 841 26 83, e-mail, dział produkcji +48 22 840 18 86 co-produced by Monolith Films, Chełmska 21, 00-724 Warsaw, phone +48 22 851 10 77, fax +48 22 851 10 79, e-mail; Telekomunikacja Poland S.A. co-financed by The Polish Film Institute producer Włodzimierz Niderhaus distributed & world sales by Monolith Films
35 mm, 1:1,85, colour, 118′
Poland 2009

A well-known writer (Andrzej Seweryn) has an affair with a beautiful and much younger woman (Magdalena Boczarska). In spite of popular indignation caused by the differences in age, material wealth and social status, he marries this attractive “girl from nowhere”. Blinded by his emotions, he doesn’t suspect that their relationship may not be a coincidence. What he doesn’t know is that his woman has secretly been seeing another man (Robert Więckiewicz), with whom she shares not only a great passion, but also a dangerous intrigue. Engaged in an immoral liaison with a secret agent, she gives him information that is meant to discredit the writer. An erotic fascination with her lover gradually transforms into deeper feelings, although the young woman is aware that she is nothing but an accessory in an organized plot of the secret service.
A story inspired by true event.


Jan Kidawa-Błoński
Born in 1953. Director, screenwriter, producer. Graduated from the Łódź Film School. Laureate of numerous festival awards. Chairman of Gambit Production (feature, documentaries, adverts, TV programs).


Feature films (selected)
1984: Three Feed Above the ground (Trzy stopy nad ziemią); 1988: Men’s Business (Męskie sprawy); 1992: Diary in a Marble (Pamiętnik znaleziony w garbie); 1996: Virus (Wirus); 2005: Destined for Blues (Skazany na bluesa); 2009: Rosebud (Różyczka)