The Ritual

Director: Zbigniew Czapla

written, directed & animated by Zbigniew Czapla music & sound by Marcin Oleś, Bartłomiej Oleś edited by Tomasz Wolf special effects by Łukasz Słuszkiewicz artistic supervision by Krzysztof Kiwerski production manager Wanda Wanner executive producer Łukasz Słuszkiewicz produced by SFP, Munk Studio, TVP Kultura, Lukafilm Studio Grafiki Animowanej (Kraków) co-financed by The Polish Film Institute
Poland 2010


The Ritual is a vividly illustrated record of the character’s struggle with everyday activities. A sequence of overlapping interactions between a human and a dog often assumes a grotesque, comical form of intolerable compulsions. The short film raises a timid question about the complexity – or should we say imperfections – of human nature. Behaviors, gestures and habits of both the human and his dog show a far-reaching resemblance, while their mutual relationship is an unending cycle of everyday rituals. The character, entangled in the series of recurring events, unexpectedly discovers the terrifying animality of his own nature. This disturbing metamorphosis is interrupted by a sudden awakening. But was it merely a dream?