A Screening at the Tatry Cinema

Director: Igor Chojna

directed by Igor Chojna director of photography Jakub Czerwiński music by Raphael Rogiński edited by Barbara Snarska sound by Lucyna Wielopolska production manager Aleksandra Stępnik produced by PWSFTviT co-financed by The Polish Film Institute
colour, 27′
Poland 2010


Dariusz Ambroszczyk runs one of the oldest cinemas in Łódź – Tatry. He is boss of the cinema and its only employee at the same time so among his duties are selling tickets, admitting to the cinema, and screening films. Although Dariusz is waiting for viewers every day, they seem to have totally forgotten about his cinema, visiting it only occasionally. The man is beginning to understand that the cinema, the sense of his life, is slowly declining.


Igor Chojna
Born in 1978. He graduated from the faculty of History and Political Science at the University of Toronto and Film Directing at the Polish National Film School in Łódź. The author of short fiction movies such as Julia (2007), Through glass (2009) and Unwillingness (2009). A screening at the “Tatry” cinema (2010) is his second documentary film.