Secret Wars

Release date: 03-10-2014
Director: Patryk Vega

written & directed by Patryk Vega director of photography Mirosław Brożek production design by Dorota Sławecka costume design by Weronika Orlińska make-up by Ewa Jarosz music by Łukasz Targosz production manager Marcin Kaniewski executive producer Katarzyna Vega producenci Emil Stępień, Patryk Vega produced by Ent One co-produced by Add Sum, Aeroplan, Octocam Servimedia distributed by Vue Movie Distribution

cast Olga Bołądź (second lieutenant Aleksandra Lach “Białko”), Janusz Chabior (colonel Marian Bońka), Wojciech Zieliński (captain Janusz Cerat), Andrzej Grabowski, Agata Kulesza, Jan Frycz, Kamilla Baar, Eryk Lubos, Wojciech Machnicki, Beata Kawka, Aldona Jankowska, Andrzej Łappa, Krzysztof Horbacz, Joanna Jeżewska, Tomasz Budyta, Jan Jurewicz, Michał Szewczyk (priest)
colour, 115′

Poland 2014


A behind the scenes look at the life and work of secret service agents. When an elite military intelligence unit is shut down, the politicians come to realize that Poland has been deprived of its eyes and ears. A new secret service unit is created. Among its recruits is an insubordinate second lieutenant who had been fired from the Internal Security Agency, a captain who recently returned from his tour in Afghanistan, and a former colonel of the communist secret police. As they work on scandals that make front-page news, they are forced to face the demons of their past. One day they will discover that they don’t really know who they’re working for.