The Silver Fox

Director: Edward Etler

written & directed by Edward Etler director of photography Jolanta Dylewska production design by Justyna Rochala costume design by Ilona Binarsch sound by Henryk Zastróżny edited by Jarosław Kamiński production manager Krzysztof Poddębski producer Jacek Gwizdała co-producer Marek Rozenbaum produced by Contra Studio co-produced by TransFax Film Productions co-financed by The Polish Film Institute

cast Evgenia Dodina, Aleksander (Olek) Mincer, Agnieszka Wagner, Edward Etler, Awiszaj Adari, Yam Brusilovsky, Oskar Płażewski, Laura Kurzac, Józef Grzeszczak, Adam Raj, Wiktor Czerkawski, Patrycja Peda, Damian Siuta

colour, 90′

Poland, Israel 2012


As he rushes to see his therapist, Michael runs into his old friend Shimon, who is accompanied by an Elvis Presley lookalike. Their attention is drawn to a group of policemen investigating an event that took place a couple hours earlier. Michael’s therapist, a specialist in Holocaust trauma is 40-year-old attractive blonde, who had immigrated from Russia. Michael is supposed to talk about his experience. He remembers images from years ago. The first is an image of his mother Felicja T. When moving to the ghetto, she had left all her belongings, except her silver fox fur coat in a cardboard box.