The Old Man and The Dog

Director: Witold Leszczyński, Andrzej Kostenko

directed by Witold Leszczyński, Andrzej Kostenko written by Witold Leszczyński director of photography Zbigniew Wichłacz PSC music by Jerzy Satanowski costume design by Małgorzata Ajzelt interiors by Ewa Tarnowska edited by Marek Król PSM sound by Piotr Knop production manager Tadeusz Drewno

cast Jerzy Grałek (Robert), Ewa Dałkowska (Ewa), Dorota Ignatjew (Kasia), Marzena Trybała (Grażyna), Krzysztof Wakuliński (Marek)

produced by Film Studio Perspektywa, Puławska 61, 02-595 Warsaw, phone/fax +48 22 854 54 94, e-mail co-produced by Documentary and Feature Film Studio, Chełmska 21, 00-724 Warsaw, phone/fax +48 22 840 18 86, e-mail executive production by Film Studio Perspektywa producer Janusz Morgenstern co-financed by The Polish Film Institute; The Municipal Council of Łódź distributed by Kino Świat, Belwederska 20/22, 00-762 Warsaw, phone +48 22 840 68 01-05, fax +48 22 840 68 06, e-mail world sales Kino Świat
35 mm, 1:1,85, colour, Dolby SR, 80′
Poland 2008

60-year-old Robert, a former filmmaker, is a lonely manwho has been through a lot. As a result of his alcohol addiction, his marriage fell apart and he lost contact with the film industry. A dog, who was saved by Robert some years ago, is his only friend now. One day Robert receives a phone-call from his former wife who is awating a liver transplant. The event drags Robert out of his lonliness coma…


Witold Leszczyński (1933-2007)

Director, scriptwriter and cameraman. Laureate of numerous awards at film festivals, e.g. for “Matthew’s Days”, “Ko-no-piel-ka” and “Axiliad”.

1967: Matthew’s Days (Żywot Mateusza), 1972: Personal Search (Rewizja osobista); 1977: Recollections (Rekolekcje); 1981: Ko-no-piel-ka (Konopielka); 1985: Axilliad (Siekierezada); 1993: Colossus (Kolos); 2001: Requiem; 2008: The Old Man and the Dog (Stary człowiek i pies)


Andrzej Kostenko

Born in 1936. Cameraman and director. Graduated from the Łódź Film School. Co-scriptwriter and photography co-producer for Jerzy Skolimowski’s films. Scriptwriter and director of numerous TV series.

Filmography as Director (selected)

“Face to Face” (Sam na sam), “Joseph Conrad” (Kapitan Conrad, tv), “Success” (Sukces). Following a tragic death of Witold Leszczyński, he undertook completing “The Old Man and the Dog”