Release date: 20-05-2011
Director: Robert Gliński

directed by Robert Gliński written by Joanna Didik, Robert Gliński director of photography Petro Aleksowski music by Cornelius Renz production design by Stefan Hauck costume design by Agata Culak edited by Krzysztof Szpetmański PSM sound by Florian Marquardt production manager Inga Kruk, René Frotscher

cast Filip Garbacz (Tomek), Anna Kulej (Marta), Daniel Furmaniak (Ciemny), Rolf Hoppe (Weber), Dorota Wierzbicka (mother), Bogdan Koca (father), Katarzyna Pyszyńska (Agata), Tomasz Tyndyk (Borys), Heiko Raulin (Max), Wolfgang Boos (first client)

produced by Widark Film and Television Productions Ltd., Franciszkańska 12/19, 00-214 Warsaw, phone/fax +48 22 635 04 15, +48 501 781 340, e-mail widark@widark.com www.widark.com; 42film GmbH, Geiststrasse 49, 06108 Halle (Germany), e-mail office@42film.de www.42film.de co-produced by Mega Tv; Piramida Film; Sut Leipzig; Cut Film co-financing Polish Film Institute; Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung producer Witold Iwaszkiewicz co-producers Eike Goreczka, Thomas Jeschner, Mario Schneider distributed by Monolith Films www.monolith.pl
35 mm / HDTV, 1:1,85, colour, Dolby Digital, 100′
Poland-Germany 2009

“Piggies” are teenage prostitutes from a small town on the Polish western border who sell their bodies cheaply for electronic gadgets, cosmetics or clothes. 16-year-old Tom, who lives close to the border, learns one day that his school mate is offering his services to German paedophiles. In order to meet the whims of his girlfriend, Tom becomes a star of evening jaunts to Germany.



  • 44th Karlovy Vary IFF 2009 – Special Jury Mention – Filip Garbacz
  • 34th Polish Film Festival Gdynia 2009 – Filip Garbacz – Award for acting debut
  • The European Film Festival, Les Arcs 2009 – Special Jury Prize

Robert Gliński

Born in 1952. Director, scriptwriter, and academic teacher. Graduated from the Łódź Film School. Laureate of numerous awads at Polish and international film festivals. Since 2002, a lecturer atthe Directing Department of Łódź Film School, since September 2008, its rector.

Feature films (selected)

1983: Sunday Pranks (Niedzielne igraszki); 1985: Poisonous Plants (Rośliny trujące); 1988: Swan Song (Łabędzi śpiew); 1992: All That Really Matters (Wszystko, co najważniejsze); 1997: Love Me and Do Whatever you Want (Kochaj i rób co chcesz); 2001: Hi, Tereska (Cześć, Tereska); 2005: The Call of the Toad (Wróżby kumaka); 2007: Benek; 2009: Piggies (Świnki)