The Son of the Snow Queen

Release date: 19-01-2018
Director: Robert Wichrowski

directed by Robert Wichrowski written by Paweł Sala, Robert Wichrowski director of photography Mirosław Jakub Brożek music by Piotr “Mi­ki” Mikołajczak edited by Adam Kwiatek, Mateusz Kiełbowicz production design by Małgorzata Grabowska Kozera costume design by Beata Frankowicz make-up artists Monika Mirowska, Dariusz Krysiak sound by Artur Kuczkowski production managers Anna Ćwiach, Magdalena Kobierzycka
cast Michalina Olszańska, Franciszek Pieczka, Anna Seniuk, Rafał Fudalej, Maciej Bożek, Ewa Szykulska, Robert Czebotar
producer Piotr Mikołajczak produced by Ursa Major, ul. Stru­mykowa 20, 05-500 Piaseczno, Poland, tel. +48 604 250 662 co-produced by Apella, Fundacja im. Franciszka Stefczyka executive producer Anna Moczulska co-financed by the Polish Film Institute distribution in Poland Kondrat Media
colour, 85′
Poland 2016


Half drama, half contemporary fable about the struggle between Good and Evil. Set in two dimensions — one in the real world, the other in a poetic fairy tale realm. It is the story of seven-year-old Marcin and his twenty something mother Anna who tries to fit in with the temptations of present-day reality. Struggling with everyday life and pressured by society, she fails to notice the most important aspects of life; in her mind, the lines of morality become blurred. Sometimes we get so lost that we make irreversible mistakes.