Release date: 25-05-2007
Director: Paweł Wendorff

written, shot & directed by Paweł Wendorff music by Kazik Staszewski, Marcin Włodarczyk production & costume design by Małgorzata Nejman edited by Janusz Dworzaczek sound by Robert Buczkowski production manger Eugeniusz Gordziejuk

cast Dariusz Majchrzak (Drugi), Andrzej Nejman (Pierwszy), Katarzyna Ankudowicz (girl in a towel), Piotr Bajor (house owner), Jacek Braciak (friend), Anna Majcher (receptionist), Sławomir Orzechowski, Katarzyna Trzcińska (cousin), Aleksandra Kisio (receptioninst’s sister), Wojciech Starostecki, Katarzyna Kwiatkowska, Dominika Łakomska, Andrzej J. Dąbrowski, Piotr Antczak (dog’s owner), Przemysław Bluszcz (dog’s owner), Wojciech Biedroń (“Gruby”), Rafał Mierzejewski (man in a towel), Tomasz Jarski (man in a towel), Tomasz Samosionek, Szczepan Szczykno, Aneta Wrona, Julian Strach, Jakub Strzałkowski, Paweł Wendorff, Janusz Dworzaczek, Marek Włodarczyk

produced by Wytwórnia Pozytywna, Studio Filmowe Anima-Pol (Łódź) producer Paweł Wendorff co-financed by Agencja Produkcji Filmowej distributed by SPI International Polska
colour, Betacam SP, 83′
Poland 2005


Two young men run away from a mental hospital. They have a task to fulfil: they have to return money one of them once usurped. Our hero has had a bad conscience about this theft for quite some time, and finds he is unable to deal with it. The only way to get rid of the problem is to give the money back. To fulfil this job they only have two days, during which their absence in the hospital might go unnoticed. On their voyage they meet many people, who involve them in their various private issues. To get to their journey’s destination, they must surmount quite a few obstacles. Both the people, as well as the situations, which our heroes have to cope with are not entirely understandable for them, and often extremely surprising. Confrontation with real life is not easy for our heroes. After a while, we discover the true reasons of their sojourn in the hospital. It seems our heroes fled from the hospital only to discover that the world outside went mad, and that they are the only normal people in the neighbourhood.


Paweł Wendorff
Born in 1965. Director, screenwriter, cinematographer, producer and actor. He graduated from the Cinematography department at the National Polish Film School in Lodz. Cinematographer on several dozen documentary films, over a dozen Television Theatre Plays, as well as feature films. Madmen is his directing debut.