Rat in the Crown

Director: Jacek Bławut

directed by Jacek Bławut edited by Jacek Bławut, Jarosław Kamiński production manager Anna Bławut-Mazurkiewicz produced by Produkcja Filmów Jacek Bławut, Telewizja Polska – II Program Redakcja Filmu Dokumentalnego i Reportażu producer Jacek Bławut
colour, 44′
Poland 2005


The story of a friendship between documentary filmmaker Jacek Bławut and 30-year-old Michał, an alcoholic. A film about the co-dependence, hope, and helplessness he experienced, and about the delirious “Rat in the Crown” that seems to be tightening the noose around Michał’s neck…

Jacek Bławut
Born in 1950. Author of documentaries and director of photography. Graduated from the Łódź Film School. Lecturer at film schools in Berlin, Hannover and at the Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing. Author of numerous documentaries (incl. The Abnormal; I Had a Friend; Born Dead; Rat in the Crown; The Warrior). Laureate of numerous awards, member of European Film Academy. His feature film debut is Before the Twilight.