Release date: 16-02-2018
Director: Sharunas Bartas

directed by Sharunas Bartas written by Sharunas Bartas, Anna Cohen-Yanay zdjęcia Eitvydas Doskus, Patrycja Lewandowska music by Pawel Mykietyn edited by Dounia Sichov production design by Oleg Dorichenko, Monika Sajko-Gradowska costume design by Donata Purvaneckaite make-up artist Anastasiya Sutiagina sound by Aline Huber, Benoit Gargonne, Jean-Guy Veran production managers Jurga Dikciuviene, Lyuba Knorozok
cast Mantas Janciauskas, Lyja Maknaviciute, Andrzej Chyra, Vanessa Paradis
producers Sharunas Bartas, Jurga Dikciuviene, Janja Kralj, Michel Merkt, Olena Yershova, Volodymyr Filipov, Maria Blicharska, Monika Sajko-Gradowska produced by STUDIJA Kinema Grybautoju 30, 2016 Vilnus, Lithuania, tel. +37 0 600 67879,; Kinoelektron 1-3, rue d’Enghien, 75010 Paris, France, tel. +33 1 48 24 51 34; Insightmedia, 18 Budivelnykiv Str. off.2, Kiev 02105, Ukraine, tel. +38 044 230 00 01; Tato Film, 4 Amosova str, apt 2, 03141 Kiev, Ukraine, tel. +38 0 90 537 300 8702; Donten&Lacroix Films, ul. Pietraszewicza-Lota 1/3, 02-790 Warsaw, Poland, tel. +33 9 81 06 92 79; KNM Production co-produced by Reborn Production executive producer Maria Blicharska co-financed by Polish Film Institute, Lithuanian Film Center, Ukrainian State Film Agency, Arte Cofinova, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, Lithuanian National Radio And Television, Ministry of National Defence Republic of Lithuania distribution in Poland Nowe Horyzonty word sales Luxbox
colour, 132′
Lithuania, France, Ukraine, Poland 2017


Rokas and Inga, a couple of young Lithuanians, volunteer to drive a cargo van of humanitarian aid to Ukraine. When plans change and they find themselves left to their own devices, they cross the vast snowy lands of the Donbass region in search of allies and shelter, drifting into the lives of those affected by the war. They approach the frontline in spite of the danger, all the while growing closer to each other as they begin to understand life during wartime.