Release date: 26-10-2007
Director: Andrzej Jakimowski

written & directed by Andrzej Jakimowski director of photography Adam Bajerski music by Tomasz Gąssowski production design by Ewa Jakimowska costume design by Aleksandra Staszko edited by Cezary Grzesiuk sound by Maria Chilarecka, Aleksander Musiałowski production manager Mariusz Mielczarek

cast Damian Ul (Stefek), Ewelina Walendziak (Elka), Rafał Guźniczak (Jerzy), Tomasz Sapryk (Father), Iwona Fornalczyk (Mother), Joanna Liszowska (Violka), Andrzej Golejewski (Homeless with Cart), Grzegorz Stelmaszewski (Turek), Simeone Mattarelli (Leone), Krzysztof Ławniczak (Drunk Man with Briefcase), Roman Baranowicz (Pigiel) and others

produced by Zjednoczenie Artystów i Rzemieślników, Poleczki 20E, 02-822 Warsaw, Poland, phone +48 22 855 51 63, e-mail co-produced by Documentary and Feature Film Studio, Chełmska 21, 00-724 Warsaw, phone +48 22 840 50 67,, Telewizja Polska SA, Canal+ Cyfrowy, Opus Film executive producer Zjednoczenie Artystów i Rzemieślników co-financed by The Polish Film Institute producer Andrzej Jakimowski distributed by Kino Świat International, Belwederska 20/22, 00-762 Warsaw, phone +48 22 840 68 01, fax +48 22 840 68 06, e-mail world sales Zjednoczenie Artystów i Rzemieślników, Poleczki 20E, 02-822 Warsaw, Poland phone/fax + 48 22 85 55 163, e-mail
35 mm, 1:1,85, colour, Dolby Stereo Digital, 95′
Poland 2007


Six-year-old Stefek challenges fate. He believes that the chain of events he sets in motion will help him get closer to his father who abandoned his mother. His sister Elka, 17, helps him learn how to “bribe” fate with small sacrifices. Tricks and coincidences eventually bring the father to the mother’s doorstep but things go wrong. In despair Stefek tries his good luck with the most risky of his tricks.


Andrzej Jakimowski
Born in 1963. Director, screenwriter, producer. Graduated from Radio and Television Department at the Silesian University in Katowice. Author of many documentaries. His feature film debut “Squint Your Eyes” received more than 20 awards in Poland and abroad.


Feature films
2003: Squint Your Eyes (Zmruż oczy); 2007: Tricks (Sztuczki)



  • IFF Venice: Europa Cinema Award for theBest European Film; UNICEF Specia Mention
  • PFFF Gdynia: Grand Prix – Golden Lions; Best Cinematography Award
  • IFF Mannheim-Heidelb erg: Special Award of Jury
  • IFF Tbilisi: Grand Prix – Golden Prometheus
  • IFF Tokyo: Best Actor Damian Ul