The Art of Silence

Director: Rafael Lewandowski

written & directed by Rafael Lewandowski director of photography Jakub Giza, Rafael Lewandowski edited by Anna Wagner Polish Association of Film Editors (PSM) sound by Sławomir Karolak, Kamil Radziszewski production manager Agnieszka Janowska produced by TVP Kultura executive production by Eureka Media, ul. Smulikowskiego 13 lok. 10, 00-384 Warsaw, tel. +48 22 828 48 10, fax +48 22 829 56 73, e-mail producer Krzysztof Koehler executive producer Krzysztof Kopczyński

Poland 2008


Jerzy Mierzejewski has been painting metaphysical pictures for over 70 years. He has always kept himself far from the fashionable trends. He finds painting to be the art of silence, which enables one to see what is invisible. The film is a meeting with an extraordinary painter, a lecturer and dean at Łódź Film School, an authority for generations of post-war cinematographers and directors – and a man of great erudition and personal charm.