The Art of Disappearing

Release date: 19-07-2013
Director: Bartosz Konopka, Piotr Rosołowski

written & directed by Bartosz Konopka, Piotr Rosołowski director of photography Piotr Rosołowski production design by Julia Junosza-Szaniawska costume design by Zofia Bebej make-up by Agnieszka Prochowska, Katarzyna Grzelczak sound by Franciszek Kozłowski, Michał Robaczewski, Grzegorz Kucharski music by Maciej Cieślak edited by Andrzej Dąbrowski production manager Marta Golba producers Paweł Potoroczyn, Anna Wydra produced by Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Otter Films distributed by Against Gravity
colour, 51′
Poland 2013


An unknown story of a Haitian vodou priest, Amon Fremon, who visited the People’s Republic of Poland in 1980. Poland was a strange place for him. People gathered in queues for hours but they never spoke to each other. Even the rain was louder, as if in a land of deaf people. A romantic poet Adam Mickiewicz led him to the underworld and helped him contact Polish spirits. He survived the martial law period when the evil white water came from the sky, water that could not satisfy thirst. Finally he decided to perform a great vodou ceremony to free the Polish people from evil forces. The dead and alive unite in battle. The spirit of the Polish romanticism unites with the Haitian loa spirits just as 200 years ago, during the great revolution in Haiti. A metaphysical view on time of socialism through the eyes of a stranger form a different culture.