Where the Sun Doesn't Rush

Director: Matej Bobrik

written & directed by Matej Bobrik artistic supervisors Mirosław Dembiński, Maciej Drygas director of photography Artur Sienicki music by Michał Marecki edited by Barbara Snarska sound mix by Dariusz Plichta, Lucyna Wielopolska production manager Zuzana Jankovicova produced by the Łódź Film School (PWSFTViT), ul. Targowa 61/63, 90-323 Łódź, tel. +4842 634 58 00, e-mail: swzfilm@filmschool.lodz.pl www.filmschool.lodz.pl
HD, 16:9, 18′
Poland 2009


Somewhere in Slovakia, far away from everything, there is a small village. People here wander aimlessly through the empty streets, casting bored glances at their equally bored neighbours. Only the woman who airs radio announcements at the local broadcasting centre really has her hands full. Someone needs a manager for a neglected cemetery here, someone else brings in an announcement there…

An impressive study of a slowly dying village, where the old times have passed and the new have yet to arrive.


  • 6th New York Polish Film Festival, New York City 2010 – Best Documentary
  • “Łodzią po Wiśle” Film Festival, Warsaw 2009 – 1st Jury Prize and award for best documentary from Artur Liebhart, director of the Planete Doc Review festival
  • “Węgiel” Student Film Festival, Katowice 2009 – award for Best Director

Translated by Karolina Kołtun