Titanic World

Director: Hanna Margolis

written & directed by Hanna Margolis script co-operation Joanna Wilczewska director’s assistant Aleksander Marhall director of photography, editor & computer animator Cezary Drab music & sound by Dariusz Wancerz translation Monika Herbst co-operation Alina Mazurek, Ewelina Gordziejuk voice-over Jarosław Węgrzyn artistic supervision by Kazimierz Urbański production manager Bartosz Smalcerz executive producer Włodzimierz Matuszewski produced by Studio Miniatur Filmowych Warszawa, Kino Polska Tv co-financed by the Polish Film Institute
Poland 2008

Animation. The story of Titanic World in a certain way is related to the disaster of the Titanic, yet the plot of the film takes place in the city. The main characters of the film are a woman, man and their small son. All of the characters seems to be out of touch with reality, each one of them is distracted with some electric device be it a TV set or computer. Due to a catastrophe in the city, the family members are forced to spend time with each other and their fates intertwine. The film shows in a very thrilling way how easily can people be manipulated by machines and completely forget about what is really important in life