Tonia and her children

Director: Marcel Łoziński

written & directed by Marcel Łoziński co-operation Anna Bikont directors of photography Jacek Petrycki, Magda Kowalczyk, Paweł Łoziński edited by Przemysław Chruścielewski sound by Sławomir Szatkowski, Iwo Klimek music by Maniucha Bikont production manager Barbara Ławska co-operation Kamil Dobrosielski produced by Studio Filmowe Kronika Polska Kronika Filmowa Sp. z o.o., Chełmska 21, 00-724 Warsaw, phone: 22 841 14 91, e-mail: co-financed by the Polish Film Institute distributed by Krakowska Fundacja Filmowa, Basztowa 15/8a, 31-143 Kraków, phone/fax: +48 12 294 69 45, e-mail:


Poland 2011


11-year-old Werka and her 9-year-old brother Marcel wind up at the front door of a children’s home in Wrocław. It is 1949. Werka and Marcel’s mother, a pre-war communist, is arrested and charged with collaborating with American intelligence. She will do five and half years. Her children will spend these years in other children’s homes. A film about a brother and a sister marked with the ideological choices of their parents.


Marcel Łoziński

Born in 1940. Graduate of Film Directing Department in the National School of Film, Television and Theatre in Lodz. Nominated both for Oscar and the European Film Academy Award for the documentary – 89 mm from Europe. Professor at Film School La FEMIS in Paris, and at the Institute of Polish Culture at the University of Warsaw. Head of the Documentary Department at Andrzej Wajda Master School for Film Directing.