The Three Handshakes

Director: Marcin Latałło

directed by Marcin Latałło written by Marcin Latałło, Joanna Didik director of photography Michał Szewczuk music by Antoni Łazarkiewicz production design by Agata Trojak, Karolina Hałatek costume design by Ewa Tymoszyk

cast Dominika Biernat (Dagmara), Izabella Budryn (Beta), Magdalena Łaska (Kama), Stanisław Drozdowski (Emil), David Lynch (himself)

produced by Association of Polish Filmmakers – Studio “Młodzi i Film” im. Andrzeja Munka, Puławska 61, 02-595 Warsaw, phone +48 22 845 51 71, e-mail; TVP Kultura co-produced & executive produced by Camera Obscura, Piotrkowska 287 Apt 10, 93-004 Łódź, phone +48 42 682 52 82 co-financed by the Polish Film Institute
35 mm, colour, 34′
Poland 2009


It is said that five handshakes are enough to get in contact with any person anywhere in the world; a Vietnamese street seller, a policeman in England, or even a movie star from Hollywood. In this story, only three handshakes are needed: Emil, who longs to meet his idol, David Lynch; Dagmara who has just returned to Poland to find a good job; and Beata, who dreams of a career os a fashion model in Paris. Do these people have anything in common, apart from just an accidental encounter.