Release date: 29-05-2009
Director: Siergiej Dworcewoj

directed by Sergei Dvortsevoy written by Sergei Dvortsevoy, Gennadi Ostrovsky director of photography Jolanta Dylewska PSC Production design by Roger Martin costume design by Gaziza Korshiyeva editing by Petar Markovic, Sergei Dvortsevoy sound by Olivier Dandre, Martin Lonek, Stepan Muller, Ilya Biserov production managers Jacek Dąbrowski-Udziela, Bohdan Graczyk

cast Askhat Kuchinchirekov (Bulat), Tulepbergen Baisakalov (Boney M), Samal Eslyamova (Samal), Ondasyn Besikbasov(Ondas), Bereke Turganbayev (Beke), Nurzhigit Zhapabayev (Nuka), Mahabbat Turganbayeva (Maha), Balzhan Niyazbayeva (Tulpan), Amangeldi Nurzhabayev (Tulpan’s Father), Tazhyban Kalykulova (Tulpan’s Mother), Zhappas Dzhailaubaev (Foreman), Esentai Tulendiew (Farrier)

produced by Pandora Film – Office Köln: Balthasarstr. 79-81, 50670 Köln (Germany), phone +49 221 97 33 20, fax +49 221 97 33 29 co-produced by Filmcontract Ltd., Chełmska 21, 00-724 Warsaw, phone +48 22 840 22 78 w. 467 fax +48 22 841 65 91, e-mail info@filmcontractpl; Cobra Film Ag, Pallas Film GmbH; Producer’s Company Slovo; Kaz Export Cinema producers Karl Baumgartner, Raimond Goebel co-producer Henryk Romanowski co-financed by the Polish Film Institute distributed by Against Gravity, Widok 5/7/9, Apt 410, 00-023 Warsaw, phone +48 22 828 10 79, e-mail info@docreview.pl www.docreview.pl world sales The Match Factory, e-mail info@matchfactory.de www.the-match-factory.com
35 mm, 1:1,85, colour, Dolby Digital, 100′
Germany – Poland – Kazahstan- Russia – Switzerland 2008


Bułat has completed his sevice at the Russian navy and returns to the Kazakh steppes. He stays with his sister, who married a local shepherd. Bułat dreams about having his own herd, but first he has to marry, which is not so simple. He is quite keen on Tulpan, but the girl rejects his affections. His dreams about having his own home and herd are confronted by cruel reality: drought and starvation…

Sergei Dvortsevoy
Born in 1962 in Kazakhstan. Director, sciptwriter, editor, sound manager and producer. Outstanding documentary filmmaker.

1996: Paradise (Szczastie, doc.);1998: Brad Day (Chlebnyj Den, doc.);1999: Highway (doc.); 2004: In the Dark ( W temnote, doc. ); 2008: Tulpan



  • “Un Certain Regard” Cannes IFF 2008 – Grand Prix
  • Karlovy Vary IFF 2008, “East of the West” competition – Grand Prix
  • Tokio IFF 2008 – Grand Prix
  • London IFF 2008 – “Sutherland Trophy”
  • Festival of East European Cinema Cottbus – Best Director Award