A Smile on the Lips and Tears in the Eyes

Director: Jan Sosiński

written & directed by Jan Sosiński director of photography Jacek Siwecki, Jan Sosiński documentation Oleg Kasziwski music by Perkałaba edited by Daria Szewczenko sound by Marcin Blachani, Marcin Ejsmund production manager Michał Maksym produced by Polish Television – Film Agency, ul. Woronicza 17, 00-999 Warsaw, tel. +48 22 547 81 67, fax +48 22 547 42 25 producer Ryszard Urbaniak

colour, 57′
Poland 2008


Musicians from the Perkałaba band, playing energetic punk-rock rooted in Hutsulus folklore, embark on a journey to Perkałaba in Ukraine to see how the place looks nowadays. The film director follows their meetings with the inhabitants, listens to their conversations and observes the joint entertainment. Perkałaba is nearly at the end of the world. Once there was a village club and a post office, but now everything is in ruins and there are only several dozen people left. The inhabitants welcome the artists with open hearts and the band shows its gratitude by playing. The music, sometimes sad and nostalgic, sometimes cheerful and lively, creates a magic tale about a world where time stopped years ago.



  • International Film Festival “Rozstaje Europy” Lublin 2009 – Special Award for the best Polish film for “showing the magic world of the eastern corner of Europe.

Translated by Monika Miziniak | Edited by Patricia Koza