In the Name of the Devil

Release date: 16-09-2011
Director: Barbara Sass

directed by Barbara Sass written by Barbara Sass director of photography Wiesław Zdort production design by Wojciech Żogała costume design by Maria Kostrzewska-Baron, Jolanta Włodarczyk sound by Wiesław Znyk, Aleksander Musiałowski music by Michał Lorenc edited by Anna Wagner make-up by Janina Dybowska-Person, Anna Adamek production manager Paweł Mantorski set manager Piotr Faryński producer Włodzimierz Niderhaus co-producer Waldemar Leszczyński produced by WFDiF, Chełmska 21, 00-724 Warsaw, phone +48 22 841 26 83, co-financed by Polish Film Institute co-produced and distributed by Syrena Films

cast Katarzyna Zawadzka (Anna), Przełożona Anna Radwan (Mother Superior), Mariusz Bonaszewski (Father Franciszek), Marian Dziędziel (Father Stefan), Roma Gąsiorowska (Michalina), Agnieszka Żulewska (Łucja), Marieta Żukowska (Marta), Ewa Audykowska-Wiśniewska (Katarzyna), Elżbieta Karkoszka (Sister Zofia), Marzena Trybała (Sister Barbara), Aleksandra Gintrowska (Monika), Bartek Topa (Sexton), Michał Wanio (Józek)

colour, 112′

Poland 2010


A nunnery. A group of nuns led by the very principled Mother Superior tries to protect themselves from the sinful outside world. They soon find a new leader in the charismatic Father Franciszek, who shows them a new definition of God. Mother Superior and Father Franciszek begin to preach that not only the soul, but also the body should experience the Lord… Soon the monastery is surrounded by barbed wire – no one can leave or enter. What happens behind these closed doors is a secret that only the sisters and Father Franciszek share. But Anna, one of the sisters, is not entirely convinced about the new form of their faith. Alone and torn, she will have to fight a ruthless battle for the purity of her soul. And her body.


Barbara Sass

Born in 1936. Film and stage director, screenwriter. Graduate of the Directing Department at the National Film School in Łódź. Multiple award winner at film festivals in Poland and abroad.

Filmography (selected works):

1980: Bez miłości (Without Love), 1982: Krzyk (The Scream), 1985: Dziewczęta z Nowolipek (The Girls of Nowolipki), 1990: Historia niemoralna (An Immoral Story), 1993: Tylko strach (Nothing But Fear), Pajęczarki, 1995: Pokuszenie (Temptation), 1999: Jak narkotyk, 2010: Pieśni miłosne


Translated by Karolina Kołtun