Nowica - the End of the World

Director: Natasza Ziółkowska-Kurczuk

directed by Natasza Ziółkowska-Kurczuk director of photography Tomasz Michałowski, Tomasz Madejski produced by Fido Film, ul. Sułkowskiego 1/9, 01-602 Warsaw, tel. +48 693 508 257 producer Joanna Fido co-financed by the Polish Film Institute

Poland 2009


Nowica is a village in the Lower Beskides. The film describes the world of the Lemkos, a vanished people that left only a few traces to attest to their existence. These fragments of history can be noted in the architecture of the Othodox Church, the liturgical songs, the language. A tale about the people living there now, who are trying to save old values and the old world. Success, career and money are low in their value system. The camera accompanies the characters throughout the whole year. The seasons – each having its own climate, colours, light and music – as well as celebrations and other important events trace the rhythm of this story.

Translated by Monika Miziniak | Edited by Patricia Koza