In Search of a Legend

Director: Konstanty Kulik

written & directed by Konstanty Kulik directors of photography Konstanty Kulik, Tomasz Kozik music by Aleksander Nowak edited by Konstanty Kulik voice-over Ziemowit Pędziwiatr produced by Serrano Set co-produced by Laboratorium Obrazu i Stowarzyszenie Grupa Outdoor producer Anna Zarudzka
colour, 48′
Poland 2007


Six people on-board a small yacht sailing across the Artic. Three months in the wilderness, away from the cares of daily life. Encounters with people and ruthless nature. The feeling of a great surprise at what they find in the kingdom of ice… This film is about an outstanding challenge and making a huge turn in the history of sailing by the youngest crew in the World. This film is also about the meeting of unique people who fight for survival by their own rules and about the Innuits, whose children hunt seals and prepare the meat in the morning and play video games and send text messages to their friends in the evening.