Release date: 25-09-2015
Director: Marcin Dudziak
written & directed by Marcin Dudziak director of photography Tomasz Woźniczka costume design by Ewa Śmigielska music by Karol Czajkowski sound by Jacek Pająk edited by Daniel Gąsiorowski production managers Piotr Kornobis, Marcin Dudziak producer Marcin Dudziak co-producer Piotr Kornobis produced by A Son Image Production co-produced by Zespół Produkcyjny Oko i Ucho
cast Sebastian Pawlak, Witold Kotrys, Marcin Ochwald, Paweł Bałajewicz, Marek Kiresztura
colour, 75′
Poland 2014


A father-and-son journey down a mountain river creates the premise for this taciturn story. A poetic tale about the exceptional moments in the life of a ten-year-old, whose curiosity and craving for new experiences is stronger than the fear of the unknown world. The overwhelming nature, dominated by the image of the flowing river, creates a feeling of increasing, if hard to justify, tension. When the danger becomes real, the boy seems to be ready for it; but after this experience, nothing will ever be the same.