I Choose the Life

Director: Andrzej Titkow

written & directed by Andrzej Titkow shot & edited by Marcin Buczkowski sound by Maciej Pulikowski produced by Development Partnership, Work and Life of Dignity for Women Victims of Violence (in cooperation with European Social Fund and Community Initiative EQUAL) executive production by Studio Filmowe Tak, ul. Iwicka 8a/12, 00-735 Warsaw, e-mail: andrzejtitkow@wp.pl tel./fax +48 22 841 07 81 production manager Andrzej Titkow


The film explores the striking fates of maltreated women. Those who killed their oppressors in an act of despair are serving long sentences in jail. They recount their lives, using an experimental method of psychotherapy. They create theatre performances, write their own scripts and stage them as actresses.

Translated by Monika Miziniak | Edited by Patricia Koza