Forged in Battle

Director: Grzegorz Pacek

directed by Grzegorz Pacek director of photography Bogumił Godfrejow PSC edited by Anna Wagner Polish Association of Film Editors (PSM) sound by Kamil Radziszewski scoring by Joanna Napieralska production manager Grzegorz Pacek co-produced by Anima-Pol, ul. Łąkowa 29, 90-554 Łódź, tel. +48 42 661 97 05, +48 501 705 446, e-mail:,; Handmade Pictures, e-mail:; Strefa soundu, e-mail:, Bogumił Godfrejow,; Braidmade Films, tel.+44 20 8776 5942, e-mail:,,; Wytwórnia Filmów, tel. +48 604 974 303 co-financed by The Polish Film Institute

16 mm, colour, Dolby SR, 90′
Poland – Great Britain 2009


There are about 4,000 former soldiers and their families living in the former military base of Pomfret in the Republic of South Africa. They are dark-skinned Angolans who fought for the army of the South African regime during apartheid. Their post-colonial mentality is in conflict with the emancipation politics of the black government of South Africa. This situation dramatically influences the life of Pomfret inhabitants.


Translated by Monika Miziniak | Edited by Patricia Koza