Gibbons' Island

Director: Małgorzta Bosek

written & directed by Małgorzta Bosek animated by Małgorzata Bosek music by Maciej Majewski production design by Małgorzta Bosek compositing by Robert Rząca co-operation Tomasz Wojtkowski edited by Robert Rząca sound by Maciej Majewski produced by Serafiński Studio, 00382 Warszawa, Solec 85/8 2D animation by Małgorzata Bosek producer Marek Serafiński co-financed by The Polish Film Institute
HD, DVD, colour, stereo, 8′
Poland 2009


Małgorzata Bosek’s animation is an attempt to face a problem by means of a pretext form. A visit to the zoo, nothing more nor less, is an opportunity to have a closer look at relations of two people who are close to each other. Mutual resentment, malicious remarks and misunderstandings connected with everyday life are intertwined here with love and forgiveness.

Małgorzata Bosek
Born in 1968. A graduate of Faculty of Painting at Academy of Fine Arts in arsaw. Animator, illustrator.

2007 Dokumanimo, 2009 Gibbons’ Island (Wyspa gibonów)