With Love

Release date: 02-12-2011
Director: Anna Jadowska

directed by Anna Jadowska written by Anna Jadowska director of photography Robert Mleczko production design by Natasza Kisza costume design by Marta Ostrowicz edited by Robert Ciodyk sound by Leszek Freund production manager Małgorzata Jurczak

cast Marta Nieradkiewicz (Ewelina), Wojciech Niemczyk (Piotrek), Daniel Olbrychski (Radwański), Ewa Szykulska (Marta), Anna Ilczuk (Joanna), Elżbieta Gruca (Ela), Michał Grzybowski (Michał), Sylwester Jakimow (Wojtek), Leszek Lichota (Sławek)

produced by Vostok8, ul. Puławska 61, 02-595 Warszawa, Poland, tel. +48 22 300 14 67, fax +48 22 300 15 73 co-produced by Skorpion Arte (www.skorpionarte.eu), Opus Film (www.opusfilm.com), Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing (www.wajdaschool.pl) producers Dawid Janicki, Wojciech Kasperski co-financed by The Polish Film Institute
Poland 2010


Ewelina and Piotr got married recently. Now they have a baby and, like so many young couples, unending financial troubles. Piotr doesn’t have a steady job, nor has he any ideas for supporting his family. Talking with friends, they learn that taking part in a porn movies is an easy and fun way to make a large sum of money very quickly. Ewelina decides that she and Piotr will only shoot one such movie. They head for Warsaw, ready to implement their bold plan. Shyly entering the world of the porn industry, they launch a series of events that will forever change their relationship and re-establish their moral boundaries.


Anna Jadowska
Graduate of Polish studies at the University of Wrocław, and directing at the Łódź Film School. Winner of multiple awards at film festivals and other events promoting young independent filmmakers.

2010: Z miłości; 2009: The General. Attempt at Gibraltar (Generał. Zamach na Gibraltarze); 2009: Generał (TV series), 2006-2007: Królowie śródmieścia (TV series, episodes 1-3), 2004: It’s Me Now (Teraz ja), 2003: Touch me (Dotknij mnie)


Translated by Karolina Kołtun