Public Depravity

Release date: 10-09-2010
Director: Maciej Prykowski

directed by Maciej Prykowski written by Adrian Katroshi director of photography Paweł Dyllus production design by Jakub Ossendowski costume design by Agnieszka Kochańczyk edited by Ewa Smal PSM

cast Marian Dziędziel (Erich), Dorota Pomykała (Luca), Krzysztof Czeczot (Romanek), Elżbieta Romanowska (Motylek)

produced by Paisa Films, Bokserska 1, 02-682 Warszawa, phone +48 22 853 17 10-13, fax +48 22 853 17 14, e-mail:,, co-produced by IF Silesia-Film producers Maciej Ślesicki, Jolanta Rojek executive producer Maciej Wojtulewicz co-financed by the Polish Film Institute; Śląski Fundusz Filmowy (IF Silesia-Film) distributed by Silesia Film
35 mm, 1:1,85, colour
Poland 2009

A crazy, dynamic comedy set taking place on a Silesian housing estate whose inhabitants live in their own small world, slightly detached from the reality. Their peace is disturbed by the arrival of a mysterious, scandalizing man wearing a pink dressing gown. This leads to a series of comic and romantic events which will warm some lonely hearts.



  • The Award of the Spi International Poland for comedy screenplay in the Polish edition of the Hartley-Merrill 2005 competition

Maciej Prykowski

Graduated from Film and Television Department at the London University of Surrey and from the scriptwriting at the Łódź Film School. Student of the Warsaw Film School. “Public Depravity” is his feature film debut.