The Green Pencil

Director: Jan Steliżuk

written & directed by Jan Steliżuk animated by Jan Steliżuk, Paweł Garbacz, Grażyna Firląg, Anna Sobkowiak music by Robert Ochnio production design by Jan Steliżuk compositing by Jan Steliżuk edited by Robert Rząca sound by Robert Ochnio produced by Serafiński Studio , 00382 Warszawa, Solec 85/8 producer Marek Serafiński co-financed by The Polish Film Institute
HD, DVD, colour, stereo, 10′
Poland 2009


6-year-old Emily is coloring a ship picture for her Grandma. She unexpectedly enters the picture and has a mysterious journey along with her pet hamster and the Green Pencil. The ship began sinking during the storm, however thanks to Emily’s creativity they all come back home safely.

Jan Steliżuk
Born in 1952. Since 1974 he has been working in the field of animation: Studio “Miniatur Filmowych”, “Films Martin Boschet” (Paris), “352 Production” (Luxemburg) and other studios.

Filmography (selected):
A Soap will Wash Everything (1992), Troubles of the Cat (2000), Mushrooms of the Storm (2008)