Release date: 21-04-2017
Director: Marta Minorowicz

directed by Marta Minorowicz written by Marta Minorowicz, Kenneth McBride director of photography Paweł Chorzępa edited by Beata Walentowska sound by Tomasz Kochan production managers Tumen Budsuren, Małgorzata Zacharko producers Anna Wydra, Ann Carolin Renningen, Thomas Kufus produced by Otter Films, zero one film supportig producer MM Films co-financed by the Polish Film Institute, Eurimages, Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg, Filmförderungsanstalt (FFA), Polish-German Co-Development Fund, MEDIA world sales Manuela Buono Sligshot Films

cast Sukbhat Batsaikhan, Batsaikhan Budee, Bayasgalan Batsaikhan, Bayajikh Batsaikhan, Baljinnyam Nyam-Ochir

colour, 85

Poland, Germany 2016

Zud – when the unforgiving forces of nature take their toll on the lives of people and animals. An unexpected return of snow destroys the livelihood of a nomad family. Eleven-year-old Sukhbait is forced to leave his carefree childhood behind; the fate of his family depends on whether or not he will be able to tame a wild horse in order to win a race. The intense relationship between the boy, his father and the wild horse shows how nature is capable of overwhelming human lives. Nobody remains unscathed after being confronted with the powers of the steppe.