Life to Live

Director: Maciej Adamek

written & directed by Maciej Adamek director of photography Artur Żurawski music by Helmut Ockenfels, Eric Satie sound by Sławomir Goździk production manager Stefan Skrzypczak produced by Telewizja Polska – II Program
colour, 20′
Poland 2003


The documentary is about blind children being prepared for an independent life by teachers at a Center for Blind People. We can observe the children during their everyday activities, when they learn how to button up, tie their shoelaces, and move in the space around them. The things that are obvious and easy for people who can see, for them are often very complicated. However, the children do not seem to be unhappy, just on the contrary, they believe there are no barriers or limits for them.


Maciej Adamek
Born in 1968. Director and scriptwriter. Recognized documentary director. Graduated from the Polish philology at University in Gdańsk and directing at the Łódź Film School. Author of seven awarded in Poland and abroad documentaries. Since 2001 Member of an European Film Academy. Laureate of Hartley-Merrill, Polish Edition 1st Prize for The Photograph script.